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There were log beachcombers years ago like the TV Series with Bruno Gerussi. But generally I think now it is not cost effective to operate such a business due to gov’t and mill regulations.

The rates paid for salvaged logs in a direct sale will vary from GLS rates. When invoicing a direct sale, GLS checks pricing to ensure fairness.
Salvaged logs are generally of lower value than fresh green timber. A major reason for the lower value is the refusal of some mills to consume salvaged logs. This narrows the market considerably. The mills are afraid of hitting metal, despite the best efforts of salvors and receiving stations to eliminate this hazard. Also, salvaged timber can be toredo damaged, beach worn or have sand impregnated cracks.

If you want this one, which has probably escaped from a boom in recent storm action go to the east side of Gabriola Island… it is de-barked and ready to be milled looks like fir and is pretty straight.

According to Ministry of Forests in Nanaimo the log if it is fir and and D grade it is likely worth around 400 CDN but you need a 250 CDN permit a boat gear to get it to a mill to collect.


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