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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Live to ride article scanned and posted in Sept 08 Post scroll to it

I recently scanned this classic article from an old issue of Mountain Bike magazine 1989! It inspired me to explore in wild areas. If the resolution is too low for you and you can not read it I’ll re-scan.

Three bikers traverse an Alaska mountain range, raft rivers, bushwack … lots of fun… of course in the name of adventure ( fast and light). Get into these wild areas before governments develop these habitats.

Interesting to note (updated from Feb 2010): On adventure ….. National Geographic Adventure is winding up now …… they figure adventure is dead the MTV generation does not want adventure they say …. social networking scores big maybe …. armchair adventure now… that generation is old before its time maybe ….. regression do we need adventure? Can you garner a sense of place without adventure … is adventure too much work? What is a sense of place?