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Monthly Archives: November 2009

wp Poppy and yellow lichen wall flora flower

In Flanders fields the poppies blow – John McCrae poem famous

Its interesting to think now that we are in Afghanistan most military deaths are inadvertently caused by poppies.

IED’s and arms are purchased with funds created from the selling of poppy opiate by-products.

If we stopped this drug for arms trade we would limit the danger our troops are exposed to.

Why is this not happening?

I think of what it must be like to fight in a foreign land and all the machinations that creates, all the innocents hurt, traumatic stress there and on return, the costs of it all the money the human hurt.

I hear the moan of bagpipes in the distance its almost 11AM.


In All Storms

there comes a time when the light shines.

yesterday between fronts a line of squalls ended with some clearing just as the day transited into evening

fleeting it disappeared quicker than ocean foam of a breaking wave.

WP storm light

Photographers love this light it combines magic hour with the low arc of this seasons hemisphere, so saturated and intense.

Where will you be when this light shines?

The tale of 2 stumps. Years ago Lauren painted a stump on the shore of Lake Superior. Interesting light homage to the tree dead and gone to heaven.

harris stump

Here is a stump in Port Moody. This ones nursing new life in an urban setting. Harris’ Stump is estimated to be worth over 2 million Canadian selling this week.

stump port moody