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Monthly Archives: June 2010

4 griz sighted 1 sow 3 cubs of the year great coats well fed no worries see salvator at summit for cowboy coffee take spray just in case

play this music Madm Canadian from Montreal in a separate window read the text and imagine the time I had here …. fusion of art and music also her super conceptual album ooom get it vimeo


The past months have been perfect for the formation of moss.

Wet and mostly damp especially here on the coast, Pre-historic and usually low to the ground moss has a good relationship with dirt and otherwise fecund matter to which upon it hosts.

Hopefully the weather will change and it’ll all dry up.

Fortunately for the last several days I have been in the rainshadow in the drier mountains of the coast in search of alpine wildflowers. East of Manning Provincial Park in an area that I wanted to visit for sometime, referred to me by an old sot miner/naturalist, I was super lucky to be in the right place at the right time.

In alpine meadows below melting snowpack hidden in copses’ of Englemann spruce profuse outcroppings of columbine were easily found. I have never seen petals with such a variety of colour… salmon, yellow, and lily white.

The thing about columbine they are so fragile, willowy and definitive of the contrasts in nature. Gone Like a Fleeting Moment, in what can be harsh terrain with extremes of weather, what they imbue upon the landscape a living thing beauteous,
if only for moment maybe a week in year, hey, that’s natures way a fragile emergence in the wildflower season.

More on that later but found objects are so sweet especially when they can be put into projects.

Talking with a friend today stirred up a memory, he was talking about found objects especially in rivers frequented by canoeists, forgotten beers etc

I once lost a case of beer ……… left it to cool in a lake near Whitesaddle Air for two weeks while I was in the high mountains of the Waddington Range …….. the heli pilot drank it while I was gone …… I was ripped when I got back because no cold brew on hot May day (a travesty) and there was no beer store for mega miles of dirt road, and the heli pilot makes quite a bit of cash and could easily afford his own but there are temptations …. and I suppose that was one of them. Guess that was a lost object for me but a found one for him.

Reminds me of another semi-related heli-story … worked up in the Yukon for a summer geo-survey stuff on vertical crumbly mountain walls tagging veins for arseno-pyrite real haywire stuff remote, all on rappel and jumars … heli’d into pocket glaciers front skid tow ins only so steep…. everyday sometimes in the fog of low scudding cloud using murky surrounding walls for the only bearing, semi insane … the pilot was on the edge all summer he sat in his tent alone at nights harbouring his scotch at the end of the summer he shot himself … just a bit of a side story …. ask me about the Jesus Bolt (its the one that holds the rotor on — they sometimes fail.

Many of you have wondered, and some have known that I have been immersed in a consumptive construction project for sometime, I basically deconstructed and rebuilt a 50 yr old house almost by myself,
it has been somewhat body and soul destroying, some have written me off in in the process. I am about to rejoin the land of the living very shortly; and claim back my life and loves also look forward to workshops in NFL and and Nepal as well as day tutorials within 6 hours of the lower mainland See Progress Photos Here NEW UPDATES added

Quote of the day “BP has put more birds in oil than Colonel Sanders.” ~ David Letterman

And why do they call it FISH LAKE er maybe it has fish in it … 85000 trout ( I have been to a lot of lakes in the Chilcotin but this one is profound …) . This lake is in a pristine area close to several provincial parks and 2 salmon bearing rivers.

I have posted on this issue before there is a lot of backgrounding on this blog so please find it.

And on Wednesday June 9, the B.C. Liberal government granted Taseko Mines a controversial, renewable, 25-year mining lease for its “Prosperity” gold-copper project by Fish Lake.

It’s still not too late to save Fish Lake! The project has not yet passed its federal environmental assessment, and since the process is already underway the new rules may not apply to Fish Lake. Please check this website, for updates and more action alerts coming soon.

Have you supported this travesty? Are you supporting this? Do you mind?

Here is a letter I wrote to the review process when the big corporate company Taseko mines was petitioning NOT to let a film be shown by the local First Nations saying it was propaganda

click on the thumb to see this most recent art piece