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Monthly Archives: October 2008

So what’s happening here?

Well were on a sandbar in the Yukon on the Alsek River just finishing off a raft trip.

The last of the season end of August. A STOL cargo plane comes to pick us up and sinks its front wheel 2 feet into the soft quicksand of the bar.

Droning on the Stoltz (Austrian) is trapped like a bee in jar.

The pilot gets out and takes stock and suggests that all the guides get on the back of the Stoltz and bounce up and down to free the wheel.

This works and the wheel pops ejecting 2 of the guides out the back door and on to the sandbar as we race into the air. If you look close there are two dots way back down the wilderness runway.


Try to get out and photograph before the weather dives into November fetidness…if you can mountainbike all the better but take the camera.