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Monthly Archives: August 2010

On the road Moab Utah. In the desert south of Salt Lake City. Land of Mormons and old mine sites. Get yourself to the canyonlands.

Went into a coffee shop asked for a cappuccino and they said cup of what?

Like the colors and design reminds me of one of my mentors Pete Turner.


Here is an overview of the natural disaster that unfolded at 530am Friday morning in British Columbia just north of Whistler/Pemberton.
A massive landslide occurred blocking two major water-flows creating natural dams composed of unstable volcanic debris mixed with vegetation trees etc.
The dams will give way when enough water pools behind the two debris flows.

It’s interesting to note the power of the landslide where the slide meets and blocks Meager Creek. The landslide flow went uphill and washed the forest away for several hundred vertical feet before turning north to block the Lillooet River.

Updates: Landslide update… river water has found away through…only 30% of population in affected area responded to evacuation notice

My letter to Editor Walrus Magazine Links to Heighton’s book excerpt on Nangpa Pass Incident Nepal/China

Link to great on site photos Way to go DBSTEERS Pemberton SAR Please make a donation to them Check out Steers’ flicker site too

BC is Burning wow The humidity here is just like Thailand what a contrast to NFL. These photos should cool.

sorrows for twillingate 07/21/10

the capping cold atlantic in grasp hands hope reach for life nought

sorrows for twillingate
sorrows for twillingate

in the heart of the coast
in newfoundland east

sweet land of bergs that come all the way from greenland
in flounder the waves are strong we flipped
it wasn’t long til peace came
first a shiver then a quiet quite quiet.
we passed from this to next.

in honor for those past

Go to Newfoundland, I was fortunate to be here, I know the town, its scenic and coastal wild way different from Tofino soul and history. Explore and discover a good place for the July’s in your life. Kayak the Bay of Exploits with Paul out of Lewisporte.

I saw prayers made with plastic rosaries