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Monthly Archives: January 2010

I was asked by my community to write this little blurb to augment existing bear awareness in hope that it would facilitate some positive action

On Bears

Bears are wild animals. Not many people really think about that.

They don’t rely on anybody to feed them they do not go to Safeway.

They survive on their own instincts.

If you were fending for yourself you would be eating anything you could get your hands/paws on.

Bears have excellent noses. Very acute smell detection. Just as an eagle can spot microscopic things from very high up. Bears can detect smells from very, very far away.

In Bear areas close to human areas much care is needed to keep food sources/garbage contained so they DO NOT attract Bears.
In British Columbia we have many communities that are close to bear habitat.

If you were a wild Bear you would go to where something smelled good enough to eat.

Bears are not violent. Bears will however defend their babies and the food they worked so hard to find.

If something or someone gets in their way or if they feel threatened in any way they will attack.

So if you live near a wild place where there might be Bears, you have to make sure you keep all your food and garbage securely contained. This is called Bear Proofing.

You Must do this because if a Bear realizes that he can get food once in your area he will come back again. This is called an Habituated Bear. Out of habit, which you have unwittingly caused by leaving your food/garbage unsecured, the Bear will Return.

Habituated Bears can not be rehabilitated they become problem Bears. Then they sometimes have to be killed.

We do not want this. It is our fault and it can be avoided if people took the time to contain their food and garbage.

I have included a few Grizzly Bear photos to show what a magnificent wild animal this bear is.

Before I forget our British Columbia provincial government the Liberals under Gordon Campbell supports Killing the Grizzly Bear. If you don’t like this let him know.

Send a letter to him now. Contact Gord

More on Bears in BC


A long time ago I wrote this quote down, have referred to it, and have drawn inspiration from it.

“it is better to have a few images that are full of life than masses of meaningless ones”

So slow down, look at what you are shooting and maybe pre-visualize before going into a “situation”

Wim Wenders is a German film director.

I knew someone once that also liked one of the movies he directed in 1984 …. Paris Texas.

Book I am currently reading “Angle of Repose” — Wallace Stegner

This was an excellent trip. Almost the best powder I have had. Mike and I built an igloo in just a little while and had a warm comfy sleep. Just above freezing inside, +4C, almost sweated in my bag while not wearing much of anything, minus 30 outside. It was an Alpine Club of Canada trip there was a guy outside using chopsticks for tent pegs. The weather was perfect and we hatched plans for an even more adventurous expedition the Lillooet Icecap.

Overnight the fellow with the original pegs had his tent turn into a hoar encrusted bivy sac.

Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines wants to build a pipeline from Alberta to The North Coast of BC.

The Alberta tar sands, where the oil would be coming from, “one of the biggest unnatural disasters going on in the world right now,” and said it’s “crazy. a goofy idea” to ship oil from Alberta to southeast Asia at the same time that Canada is importing oil. Said Haida Nation President Guujaw.

“It is unbelievable what these people will calmly get up here and propose to us,” he told the audience of elders, chiefs and other islanders. “They themselves would risk nothing in doing this, they have nothing to lose.” Here’s a CEO Pat Daniel (Enbridge) that made
6.5 Million Dollars in personal wages last year… that’s more than some NHL hockey players!

“I’m not going to say we’ll be affected, because there is no damn way this is going to happen,” Guujaw said.

“What we’re talking about today doesn’t feel good inside,” said Diane Brown. “To lose our food source is not an option, you can’t pay us anything to get that back. As a grandmother and a woman of the nation, I can promise you that I will do everything in my power not to see this go through.”

Does this feel good to you
. If it doesn’t see Artist Robert Bateman destroy a painting and let some one know how you feel.

Hey Where’s Fish Lake

BC Environmental Assessment Office has issued an Environmental Assessment Certificate for the proposed Prosperity Mine.

BC Liberals are they for the environment? Not really.

Well you might say gosh the BC Environmental Assessment Office ….. sounds like a bonafide big deal gov’t organization they must know what they are doing …… it must be OK NOT!
They have given the provincial go ahead for the destruction of Fish Lake for Prosperity that is the Prosperity Mine…… a green light

Of course the BCEAO are affiliated with the Liberal government, and the government is affiliated with big business and development, a lake we don’t live nearby nuke it who cares a few might but the majority is dumbed down we can probably get away with it we’ve got thousands of lakes in British Columbia who cares?

Ever been to the SChilcotin? It’s a great area discover and explore 5 hours away from Vancouver you might have a limited time to do so Because Fish Lake 85,000 trout have been given the OK to be destroyed … that’s Prosperity Eh

If you ever take the time to drive to Chilco Lake and the surrounding environs you might want to drive up the road to Fish Lake great view of the summit of Mt Waddington and see the lake as a tailings pond.

Whoa though………… the federal gov’t still has to give the go ahead. (You believe the Conservatives will do the right thing like the Tar Sands?) But it’s one step closer the province has pretty well given it a green light. Is that progress?

Hey but that’s prosperity…………… not on my watch. See Rollins utube vid below

I have an earlier post on this issue in an old post on this blog please search for it……… Jan07 and June07

And if you don’t want this to happen on Your watch you can send letters to the Ministry of the Environment both at the provincial level and federal level and Dept of Fisheries at the federal level. Its our land as Canadians we have some rights.

You can at least read about the issue and maybe sign the Online Petition .. .. as a photographer I have been to some pretty special places and this one of them very near to Chilko Lake Ts’il?os Provincial Park.

Its absolutely Crap one day your children will want to venture out of the city and away from all the distractions of urban life you can show them these P H O T O S and say I supported this mine or did nothing to stop it …… and you can be proud.

A new year, Can change happen Do we need change?

On your watch, whats going to happen on your watch?

Global Warming, Carbon Footprint, Copenhagen Tim Horton Drive Thru Please Pick the anomaly. Whats going to happen on your watch?

Been following Henry Rollins for a long time. Ember of Rage. Governments will not do it People have to do it.

Homogenized Generic Dumb-ed Down Do you have an excuse? Do you have an ember or is it extinguished?

War The Tar Sands Inadequate Transit. Homelessness