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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Adamant Range.
Read some guys blog recently that he put a bolt or two in this rock. I asked him what gave him the right to deface this peak so beautiful.

The crux on our route was half way + up the spire airy 10d free, shallow fingers on an out there face glacier polished on each side so it’s just toes in a quartz rimmed crack and sketchy finger tips wide, tipped in A3 pins ( angle/leeper exotic stacks flared) if you aided on deep breaths.

Iron Man its not the movie or a song it’s a granite peak in in the N Selkirks west of Golden, heli in out of Palmer Creek. Its in British Columbia hope for high pressure and 4 good days a little crisp in September. Nice line.


The Bowron Lake circuit is a classic. East of Quesnel past Barkerville and Wells, on the flank of the Caribou and Premier Ranges West of Valemount, is a wilderness lake system that is a real adventure to explore. I took a kayak many canoe.

Found this stump on my travels on a Maui like beach and filled the shot with a little fill flash and there you have it. Stump and a stormy backdrop.

Staying with the Pete Turner theme, this hunted and spotted shot from the depths of Surrey, British Columbia echo the start of a new school year
Memories of new school September smells of fresh paint and a quickly fading summer with chill mornings, blue sky and the bus you just can’t miss.