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Monthly Archives: April 2012

I went to elementary school here Joyce and Kingsway. It was great. I remember November just after Halloween clear day, a day where you can see every tree on the N Shore etched against the sky in all clarity, grade 3 recess Mt Seymour first snow brilliant I was dazzled portent of the all the mountains to come.

I was there recently. It was almost all the same except smaller. So big when I was little.

A year or two ago a homeless man was murdered in the shrubs in the front of the building. I wonder if it has been solved?

if you are not happy with a shot or you want better light go back again ……..


The environmental portrait. What is photography. Photography is light and how it is rendered. Photography asks questions.

Like whats the story here. Look at the people look at the terrain. This was a small Dene aboriginal girl near the arctic circle.

It’s after 11pm the light “magic hour” the photographer’s cinematographers dream light exists for hours. The weather is harsh here its alpine and trees are small. We traveled by bike on this trip part of a compilation of stories we did on the yukon and adventure.

On this iron-worker I used fill to bring up the detail in the facial shadows.

Bit of a tricky shot to light top of highrise in a breeze we were (and gear) tied in.

Watch the condensation on Camera Gear reduce the differential of hot and cold on camera will fog lenses when moving to a warmer place in extreme cold do not breath on camera gear it will ice up. And sleep with batteries on overnight trips.

British Columbia fails to stop the Grizzly Bear hunt. It began on the weekend. Just as they are coming out of their dens after winter.

If you want it stopped write your MLA in Victoria BC Out of country people can do this to. A hardcopy letter is better than an email and a telephone message is better than a letter, do all 3 just let the powers that be (shutter…to think that these people do in fact have power over me arrggg) know that you do not support such atrocity.

I’ve been working with dried nature. If left outside in the elements they get wet soggy, soft and rot. Rot then the bugs get to it. Downloaded a podcast from either NPR or the BBC about forensic entomology and the guy that started to really define it in the 1970s. Hunt it down its great.

If you look at even the smallest piles of rot the contain bug/nematode action. I was looking at a small group of pine needles the other day pushed together into a small “log jam” and there were small earth worms inside. This was on the cement at least 8 feet from the soil.

So rot is attractive to macro life. Decomposition it all goes to soil and from the soil we get growth. Call me podzolic. While you go on with your day to day a whole world exists. Perhaps an untapped world with benefits to medicine even. One my climbing buddies was doing his PHD in Pharmacology studying plant/fungal relationships for that application.
Think about it.

There’s a also a great book called SOIL can’t remember the author but its fantastic the story of humus and decomposition real interesting and not dry at all.

enjoy the seed pod