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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Lower Mainland BC

Development continues and according to local wildlife biologists the heron (the prehistoric looking crane like wetland dwelling bird) is down in numbers approx 50% this year

Likely caused by unchecked development… would you say?

My accumulation of development documentation continues.

Thanks to all that turned out to my Art of Seeing overview at BCIT GVRD Fall Parksfest.



I was fortunate to to fly into the Toba Inlet area last week on probably the last day this year before the big snows come to the mountains of the coast. The Coast Ranges of British Columbia. The walls in these valley’s are truly wild. Like 3 or 4 Squamish Chief’s stacked on top of each other. Makes the wall in Squamish seem pimple like in comparison. This is granite country and photo ops are everywhere.
I have plans to photo workshop in this area as the snow leaves next year 09. Interested?

On this day expert mountain pilot Mike Thompson dropped us into 2 alpine lakes that hadn’t iced yet, in his expeditionary, exploratory aircraft the Piper Super Cub.