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So I was just sifting along at 90k today on the Barnet Hwy going east…….A SUV Driver less than 100 metres away from me stops in the middle of the the Barnet Marine Park…there is a left hand turn signal as well as a left hand turn lane for the Barnet Marine Park….but this driver was stopped in the middle of the highway and not in the left hand turn lane….he was confused when the left hand turn lane signal light turned red.

There was a Porsche 911 3 metres off my back bumper. I had to take evasive action and passed the SUV on the left, having to turn into the left-hand turn lane…scooting around him on left and then moving right to pass…….heart in mouth….the SUV driver still stopped in the middle of the highway …if he had decided to move as I moved around him…. I would have had to bash him on his drivers side….to get by him…or maybe hid the light standard…..anyway the idiot stayed put lucky for me……..

Go figure….. I shot through the intersection slowing and accelerating again in a split second the Porsche had slammed on the binders rubber smoke just a spewing.

I glance to the offending idiot in the SUV he was headless. Ever seen headless drivers in Vancouver?


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