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Seems like people never learn. Winter mini rant ….. Its super cold for 2 weeks and guess what it doesn’t snow.

Even outside on my porch at sea level I can see the hoar crystals build day by day.

You know a warm front with lots of moisture is going to come eventually and override the frigid air … so it snows.

The snow lays on the hoar now an unstable surface layer just like ball bearings.

Then it waits for the trigger are you going to be the trigger?

Sometimes the trigger can be a sound, a yell or a scream even.

So can you imagine 8 snowmobiles in the rockies going into one of those big bowls with over 30cm overlaying ballbearings. Suicide man. Why are they there anyway? Whats the objective donuts or highmarking a slope, ….birdwatching?


Although this is in the Himalaya and its seracs falling and not fresh snow you get the idea. You can’t get out of the way when its couple of hundred thousand ton mass is moving a couple of hundred k’s an hour even if you are on a snowmobile…. if you are on the sides you might have a chance but really its best not to be there.

If you want to go this is what you do before…..these guys are ava techs at 2000 metres in Rogers Pass in the Canadian Rockies.

dig a pit, do shear tests, look at the crystals, note the weak layers then maybe go for it……..


So you know that feeling don’t you?

When that wind pack is crunching underfoot under the labour of a heavy pack laden with rope, water, layers and at …… elevation.

that crisp minus air drying out your nose and throat, the nip on your fingers

Well you can go outside right now its just after 7 am pst take a deep breath of life and get that same feeling and imagine the vista.

Sunrise is due to happen shortly

Coastal BC December 20 08 high pressure minus 10c go make use of it take your camera and keep those batteries warm.

This shot was in the high coast mountains around 200k airline nw of Vancouver Fury Gap a high pass in the Waddington Range Chris Spencer on the left Wadd on the right and Hickson in the back. You want to see mountains go there.
Sylvain Saudan once said to me the the coast range is unparalleled wilder than the alps people in Canada do not realize the resource they have here wiki him.

The guy in the shot here is one of the most solid mountaineers I know Doug Herchmer. We climbed C.Spencer that morning. I think I have have a shot of that at


Lower Mainland BC

Development continues and according to local wildlife biologists the heron (the prehistoric looking crane like wetland dwelling bird) is down in numbers approx 50% this year

Likely caused by unchecked development… would you say?

My accumulation of development documentation continues.

Thanks to all that turned out to my Art of Seeing overview at BCIT GVRD Fall Parksfest.


I was fortunate to to fly into the Toba Inlet area last week on probably the last day this year before the big snows come to the mountains of the coast. The Coast Ranges of British Columbia. The walls in these valley’s are truly wild. Like 3 or 4 Squamish Chief’s stacked on top of each other. Makes the wall in Squamish seem pimple like in comparison. This is granite country and photo ops are everywhere.
I have plans to photo workshop in this area as the snow leaves next year 09. Interested?

On this day expert mountain pilot Mike Thompson dropped us into 2 alpine lakes that hadn’t iced yet, in his expeditionary, exploratory aircraft the Piper Super Cub.

So what’s happening here?

Well were on a sandbar in the Yukon on the Alsek River just finishing off a raft trip.

The last of the season end of August. A STOL cargo plane comes to pick us up and sinks its front wheel 2 feet into the soft quicksand of the bar.

Droning on the Stoltz (Austrian) is trapped like a bee in jar.

The pilot gets out and takes stock and suggests that all the guides get on the back of the Stoltz and bounce up and down to free the wheel.

This works and the wheel pops ejecting 2 of the guides out the back door and on to the sandbar as we race into the air. If you look close there are two dots way back down the wilderness runway.

Try to get out and photograph before the weather dives into November fetidness…if you can mountainbike all the better but take the camera.

Busy today scanning film to raw.

Adventure Texas Creek traverse into the Siwhe Drainage
overnight fast and light. south of Lillooet BC a few windfalls do you like carrying a mountain bike? Make sure its a hardtail or it’ll eat up lots of calories and turn you into an old boy sooner than later.

this was too good of a juxtaposition

caribou ed abby and palin

With this excellent high pressure on the west coast of British Columbia I wish I could say I have been out exploring …. exploration is about connecting blanks on the map not only topographically but in your mind as well   a sense of place and your relationship to it… do you have a sense of place? I feel most at home outside in all weather preferably in wilder places as long as I have food am warm nothing could be better.

September is my favorite month. In the mountains you can get a first frost the days are warm but not super hot

the air that you breath is not heavy with with August heat its fresh and cool kept under boughs chill waiting for your passage. I am waiting remembering those days now they seem forbidden.

Back from shooting assignments and new found secret locations in the east. West meets east for brief subversion episodes.

Logistics organized for next year first offering of photo workshops here where is here? You can bet on adventure and stellar photo ops in environments so unique that they will inspire all your creative juices to flow with abandon Explore and Discover stay tuned for more photos. I’m just back.

In the West Kootenay on the upper end of Kootenay Lake another run of the river power plant is being proposed.

This is near the Fry Creek Lardeau area north and east of Kaslo at Glacier Creek. Of course it is pristine. The firm is from Montreal. Some of the best and biggest trout in the lake spawn in these creeks. If you have a chance go there this summer its pretty wild you can hike from the Lardeau area to scenic Jumbo Pass or up Fry Creek to Grey Pass?……

Ever heard of these places? Probably not that is why they stand a good chance for development. Do you care will your kids care? Where will you go to see nothing but nature in 50 years.

NYC from the top of the Met. I like this softness here and contrast of nature and the skyline.

Jeremy Scahill’s book
Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army (Nation Books)

has just come out in softcover … a recommended read and asks a lot of pertinent questions about war
and mercenary security. These people operate with impunity without rules of engagement or honor there are 100,000 of them in Iraq they get paid 1000 dollars minimum per diem per person. 50% of every dollar in taxes goes to the military. (There is a movement afoot to not pay taxes to force a decision on Iraq.
They were also in New Orleans after Katrina.)

The Author speaks here excellent piece that explains the situation very well

and see the Empire State Building in the background too.

A totally cool artful ecological installation space.;id=22&Itemid=98

Interesting fact I found while recently in NYC. Small time book dealer from Philadelphia purchased a collection of old photos in 2003 in Brooklyn. Some of them were depictions of obese women in Tutu’s and dancers with pythons stuff the american writer Greil Marcus calls “Old Weird America”.

Turns out many were Arbus’s she used to frequent Hubert’s Dime Freak Show in the 1960’s. It was located in Times Square but has since disappeared. Bob Dylan and Tom Wolfe also used see the odd (ha) show.

Check out this book recently published by Gregory Gibson

Hubert’s Freaks: The Rare Book Dealer, The Times Square Talker and the Lost Photos of Diane Arbus.

Its a good read about freaks, curators, underground history and Arbus.

A Southeby’s Action sold one of here works in 2004 for just under half a million.

Susan Sontag in On Photography wrote ” the most striking aspect of Arbus’s work is that she seems to have enrolled in one of art photography’s most vigorous enterprises – concentrating on victims, on the unfortunate – but with compassionate, purpose that such a project is expected to serve.”

Checked out the Lee Friedlander show in NY at the Met his series of black and white profiling landscape architect Olmstead. So it’s Friedlander rendering nature. My fave isn’t on the net an erratic and some bush….but I like this one F’s style shows here without question…..go to for some more examples…

Books to get inspired by…

Travels with Herodotus
Ryzard Kapusciski Vintage Press Polish Journalist travels with Herodotus in mind Excellent from translation

Kem Nunn Dogs of Winter and Tijuana Straits Both excellent novels Lit bent imbued with surfing passions

Brooklyn Posters detail alpenglowpro

Trying really hard to subvert a few tropes just outside NYC with a bit of ambiguity.

Moma in NYC two modern works juxtaposed.
Recommended to visit. Loads of ART Dali to Klein etc etc a great trip. More images to come.

Take your time: Olafur Eliasson my interpretation MOMA… Pinto man talk soon

More Olafur…..I loved this Icelandic artists installations. There were more at PS1 but photos were strictly prohibited. The up flowing waterfall and the mirrored disc in the sky were outstanding transforming space and giving it outside dimensions. Where is your place in the world. Maybe we should all ask that? More coming.

This building has such great space. 100asa 4.5 @ 15thsec so sez the meta data

A Utopian vision of pastoralism and harmony with nature….where is that attitude now?

We are still in the clearcut economic reality of development until you can’t develop any longer.

We lost a heck of a lot of stuff in the last 150 years…can we afford to lose more?

The term Arcadia refers a Greek province….the province’s mountainous topography and sparse population of pastoralists later caused the word Arcadia to develop into a poetic byword for an idyllic vision of unspoiled wilderness. The Utopian vision, Arcadia, is associated with bountiful natural splendor and harmony.

They had a lot of thinkers back then…..

Maybe thats why I feel free in the mountains pour être libre dans les montagnes

Pastoralists van Boise Creek Valley a tributary of the Pitt River.

Here is something worthwhile if you like panoramas have a few left on recent run.
All the peaks are named with the elevations too 4 feet long 7 inches high…

click on the thumb for a bigger view

nature and illustration a great combo

Just looking forward to kayaking this season with this unseasonal weather day 20C. Get ready to dip your paddles….don’t forget

To get up early for the photo ……….this was taken at 530am + dew on the yaks gentle lapping of the incoming tide the odd gull mewing….you know the routine.

As new membership director for the “Dalai Clique” I encourage you to join now.

We can truly unite and subvert.

Marketing spin is full on in Asia today.

yes of course I am just kidding it seems everything out of China recently that is negative untoward is blamed on the “Dalai Clique” who is obviously responsible for everything from Tibetan terrorism to Olympic disruption.

It is an example of China marketing false facts and that is marketing Chinese style which is essentially propaganda with not much degree of separation from the Mao days. Unite and subvert facetious of course lets join the “Dalai Clique” eh .

Is China a dictatorship with lack of freedoms, no political ethic, what do you think?

How to see….the art of seeing……seeing things in different ways….and not only one way
some visual practice here

A ski traverse in the coast mountains of British Columbia can be pretty wild. The Monarch Icecap Traverse was a storm ridden experience. Days and days of storm and howling blizzard .(one great memory is being awakened by shouts in the night….. a big cornice collapsed on one of our 3 tents at 3am, it formed off the top a (5+ foot 1.75 metre) snow wall designed to protect the tent from the blasting wind but after 5 days the top of the snow wall became even with the surface of the glacier…thus the wind formed the cornice…. we dug out the tents by headlamp)..started on the Talchako Glacier near Monarch and ended up on a logging road that fed into hwy 20 just east of Bella Coola. Very hard trip for a skier with no technique crappy boots and a lot of heavy expensive photo gear.

Good scenics when it did clear….WE flew in and skied out …watch for Grizzlies on the last day as you come out of the alpine and into the forest north of Ape Lake…wild land we were late coming out.

Monarch Pano here a day south of Ape Lake                                     click this thumb for a larger image.

Sea shores have invasive plants too. This is a hidden location within the GVRD. What is the GVRD?
And Where is this location?

Is the Salish Sea just a trendy spin?

Like some trendy housing development…named…Babbling Sweet Brook Abodes..or Cedar Mills clusters of multi dwellings in clearcuts maxing out the space hear the babbling of people through the walls.

or SUV’s – expeditions for a trip to the supermarket, explorers for non-explorers, pathfinders for those with no direction home

Marketing: The art of convincing people what they think they need.   What do you need?

Are you tired of Georgia Strait? How about the Pacific Ocean?

So I was just sifting along at 90k today on the Barnet Hwy going east…….A SUV Driver less than 100 metres away from me stops in the middle of the the Barnet Marine Park…there is a left hand turn signal as well as a left hand turn lane for the Barnet Marine Park….but this driver was stopped in the middle of the highway and not in the left hand turn lane….he was confused when the left hand turn lane signal light turned red.

There was a Porsche 911 3 metres off my back bumper. I had to take evasive action and passed the SUV on the left, having to turn into the left-hand turn lane…scooting around him on left and then moving right to pass…….heart in mouth….the SUV driver still stopped in the middle of the highway …if he had decided to move as I moved around him…. I would have had to bash him on his drivers side….to get by him…or maybe hid the light standard…..anyway the idiot stayed put lucky for me……..

Go figure….. I shot through the intersection slowing and accelerating again in a split second the Porsche had slammed on the binders rubber smoke just a spewing.

I glance to the offending idiot in the SUV he was headless. Ever seen headless drivers in Vancouver?

Just a short blurb here….this just goes to show what the power of the people can do.

Now it we could only sway the Gov’t to abandon

Gateway and get rapid transit out the 401 median to Chilliwack

….something like a magnetic train like they have in Europe or Japan….

Then we could get away from the the North American standard of freeways and pollution.

Here is a disgusting proposition.

Industrial activity in Provincial Parks. Will park employees voice their disapproval? Will You?

So what’s it all about…..its about power creation… dams and flow disruption in the Pitt River watershed….8 tributaries rich salmon habitat to be disrupted a pristine wilderness area closer to Vancouver than Squamish. river-runs-through-bigger.jpg

Do you agree with industrial activity in BC Parks? Do you know what a precedent is?

Write a letter Do it …..

and to BC Parks

Tibet a canker on China’s backside. Why …does China support freedom?… Is it happening there?

Why?….natural resources, imperialism, economy. Tibet as threat, religion as threat Dalai Lama as threat.

It’s disgusting that we put economy and wealth ahead of morals and ethics.

China…. do you support China? Is there an echo of Europe 1936?

How will China save face….when are the Olympics again?…

Oh yeah…there is one coal fired power plant coming on line each day in China…..what do you think….where is China…

graphic-arrow-left.jpg Beijing – Tibet / Vancouver – Downtown Eastside graphic-arrow-right.jpg

Embarrassments both what are the commonalities here?

I wrote a letter to the Vancouver Sun last year about the disgrace of the DT Eastside and the Olympics I drove through the area today nothing has changed.


Way of the Dodo… Dutch settlers clubbed the last 50 pound flightless bird to death in Mauritius in 1680. The 7 ton Stellar’s Sea cow only took 27 years for it to disappear at the hand of Bering Sea fur hunters. They loved the meat, it tasted like veal. That was 1768.

According to George B. Schaller (1980) 150 vertebrate species have vanished since 1600. Now extinction rates are accelerating everywhere.

When habitat is reduced by 90 percent of its original size 50 percent of the plant species will become extinct.

Most people only notice bigger species like the whooping crane or orangutan.

It is estimated that we are losing 10 – 40,000 species per year. We know more about stars in the heavens than the 1.7 million species of life that have been described thus far but thats a drop in the bucket because more exist and who knows they might harbour a cure for some disease, who knows….. when they disappear it will be too late.

Harvard biologist Edward O. Wilson

“The one process ongoing in the 1980’s that will take millions of years to correct is the loss of genetic species diversity by the destruction of natural habitats. This is a folly our descendants are least likely to forgive us.”

Canada Post has recently produced an attractive commemoration issue for Canadian Endangered Species.


In the early 1900’s Floyd Nelson, a Washington prospector was inspired to build the Pacific Northwest’s first backpack…..probably the first one that was widely marketed in North America. He came up with the idea after a trip to Alaska where he used a First Nations pack. He modified the design and used pack cloth for breathability. Click Here More Info


When I first went to summer camp up Indian Arm near Vancouver …Camp Jubilee….my parents bought me this pack…I used it until I was about 14. I remember doing a hike in the UBC Research Forest with a Cub Scout group and cooking up hamburger patties in foil with onions over an open fire….I spilled some of the grease from that meal on the pack…pack-layers-wp.jpgI think I can still smell it today.

That was the same trip where a kid rubbed his feet raw by wearing, ankle cut rubber boots instead of hiking boots.

Years ago after skiing 5 days in the Tonquin we headed to Jasper for dinner. I rarely buy souvenirs but I couldn’t pass up an Ice is Nice t-shirt. The design was cool an ice climber in silhouette. I had that for years until it basically rotted off my body.

That was in March and March can be pretty cold in the Rockies…. any way here is a shot of famed Norwegian ice climber Slim Doag….in the Canadian Rockies eh. There is good ice in Oslo too….apparently.doag-ice-wp.jpg

Just as an aside American ice prodigy Jeff Lowe, a real famed climber of monumental proportions upwards of a thousand first ascents including the Himalaya has been fighting MS for the last 10 years…that sort of just blew me away found that out just recently.

Stay Tuned for up coming schedule for 08…..I am going back to Asia this fall in November….Himalaya with side trips to Cambodia and India.

There will be 2 coast mountain workshops ( 5 day ) that will include air travel and base camps. And One 7 day Rocky Mountain Canada Workshop.

And weekend workshops will continue this year lower mainland GVRD and Gabriola Island based.

and……..alpenglowpro was placed on The Tyee’s  BC Blog List today  check the link out……

You decide eh…

Bali Global Warming Conference – Foreign Perception Are Canadians Really that Inept….Disgusting

UN Canadian Peace Keeper Dies as Israeli’s Intentionally BOMB border outpost – Pure Gutlessness Here Who’s Accountable?

Chuck Cadman Bribe Denial – An Admission of Guilt would be so much Better…  This Reinforces Political Cynicism

Brian Mulroney Wrong Doings – What’s there to say here are you surprised?

Downtown Eastside Harm Reduction Policy – A no brainer, Physicians, Scientists agree yet there is opposition.

Homelessness – People continue to Die on the streets of Vancouver Whats wrong here?

And Not to mention Afghanistan …… how about shipping by AIR a company (lots) of Leopard tanks to Afghanistan……how much does that cost??? You gotta do stuff like that when you are at war…I guess.

Are We at War??

So I have been on a bit of a mountain bike binge of late you might have noticed?

In east Abbotsford McKee Hill this weekend. Go there and hike and ride before its too late. Its under threat.

Developers are on on the land grab…… houses cover the flanks of the hill….a 500m hill…..Existing trails are just amazing…super groomed intermediate single track dips and curves, bumps and drops excellent training ground in a super pretty environment. Now it is under threat.


The town council will they realize that people Need park area. A sea of houses exist in the surrounding environs.

The Mckee Hill area is an amazing resource for walking, photography and the peace that comes with being in the trees. It doesn’t need to be developed. merv-flintstones-wp-canvas.jpg

Do you want this??

So after an enjoyable afternoon we found ourselves in Silva Bay quaffing back a few brew and decided to go for a ride. We headed out and decided to huff up the height of land above Berry Point Road and down the Yogi Trail and headed over to the Surf for a sunset brew before climbing the height of the land again and descending to Sandwell where we pushed along the beach and back to the south.
The next morning, we headed out to traverse all the island highpoints. We peddled from sea level xing the new 700 acre park in the centre of the island and then headed out to near Fern road and the Legends area and ripped over to Coats Road and connected with South Road and had breakfast at Suzy’s then peddled up the Yogi Trail and back down to Sandwell and home. We were out for 4 hours and it was great, total sunshine and super scenics


sandwell-mtb.jpg summit-gab.jpg suzys-gabriola.jpg

Location found. Go for the light. Freeze your fingers off wear long under wear pre-visualize.


Can you tell me where this is……


Hey conscience rules Spielberg pulls out of creative director job for Beijing 2008.

“At this point, my time and energy must be spent not on Olympic ceremonies, but on doing all I can to help bring an end to the unspeakable crimes against humanity that continue to be committed in Darfur.”
“Sudan’s government bears the bulk of the responsibility for these on-going crimes, but the international community, and particularly China, should be doing more.”

Chinese support of genocide in Sudan has nothing to do with peace, just suffering. How do you support China?

Sudan, with its vast oil reserves, sells some two-thirds of its oil to Beijing. In turn, Beijing sells weapons to the Sudanese government.

China spent 37 Billion Dollars on its military last year.

Years ago this was the way to go. This was the time before plastic crazy carpets and toboggans.
I like the original detailing of tow rope. Hemp so fragile now it powders off in your fingers.


accident-big.jpgSo if you were between the Port Mann Bridge this morning and Riverview at 8am.This is what you would have seen. People overdriving the conditions and wanting to become a red spot on the side of the road.

Speed typifies the driving style today. Few police little radar and lots of fatalities.

Forward think.  3 RCMP cruisers Fire truck 4 firemen 1 fire emerg response team 2 firemen EMT 2 ambulances 4 paramedics 4 RCMP officers Lots of manhours…… Fuel for all transport to station to scene and return. Hospital support Doctors and nurses Operating Room staff   Lots of man hours 3 car smashup emotional and injury trauma to victims, families and attending support staff.  Insurance outcomes everyones pays Man hours lost in traffic by bystanders…..hundreds Can you put a price on someones speeding?? Maybe the faulty party should pay for everything all the lost wages, manhours??? A couple of one handed grab shots as I drove by 125th at f3.5accident-1-traffic.jpgmorning-accident-wp.jpg accident-2-oblique-wp.jpg

I found this old chart at a garage sale on the island. This edition was last published in 1937, original information on the map dates from late 1800’s.
It covers terrain from Saltspring Island to Vancouver all the way up Howe Sound into the Elaho and all the way up to Queens Reach and Princess Louisa Inlet and north to Texada Island.

The detail shown is of Queens Reach note the little published fact that Indians travel from the head of the sound to Desolation Sound in 2 days. I looked on the the newer topographic and the route climbs to a pass and drops into the Little Toba River drainage which then leads to the head of Toba Inlet which leads to Desolation Sound.

The map 1 metre x 3/4metre is really neat in that it shows a lot of aboriginal place names and other paths less traveled.

I was fortunate to have some time in the alpine near Mt Alfred this summer. See the reflections shot in Sept posting.

Click this map to get an even bigger shot. Pretty cool eh……love the hatch marks that denote steepness of the terrain.


Comox 1st nations

Catlo´ltx, own name.

Connections. The Comox constituted a dialetic group of the coastal division of the Salishan linguistic family.
Location. On the east coast of Vancouver Island including both sides of Discovery Passage, between the Puntlatch and Kwakiutl.

Clahoose, on Toba Inlet.
Comox, on both sides of Discovery Passage between Chancellor Channel and Cape Mudge.
Eëksen, about Oyster Bay.
Homalko, on the east side of Bute Inlet.
Kaäke, on the southeast coast of Valdes Island.
Kakekt, at Cape Lazo.
Sliammon, on Malaspina Inlet.
Tatpoös, on the eastern part of Valdes Island.

History. The Comox were visited by Europeans somewhat later than the Cowichan (q. v.), otherwise their history has been the same.
Population. Mooney (1927) estimated that in 1780 there were 400 Comox on Vancouver Island and 1,400 on the mainland. In 1906 he gives 59 and 265 respectively.

Notice how smallpox decimated populations of this population.

It was the early 70’s everyone used to have one of these cameras. It came with a thin metal clip that you could sandwich the developing print in and put it into your pocket when it was cold.


I was sorting through a bunch of old stuff the other day came across this old postcard…not many around like this any more. Remember that first adventure away from parents, that first bush trip where you scared yourself silly in the dark not sleeping all night waiting for a bear to crawl through your lean to. Remember heavy weight and trapper nelsons and frying pans.


“One of the greatest pains to human nature is the pain of a new idea”

Walter Bagehot British journalist, economist. (1826 – 1877)

Who’s Elisabeth May some say she is Canada’s Barack Obama. There’s a great utube vid on what this woman stands for haven’t got the link here but it shouldn’t be too hard to find. When all is the same why not seek something different.              “Maybe he’ll be a black man or maybe a woman” NYoung from the album “War”

Are you scared of new ideas?



This is a frozen waterfall in Field BC. The Field area has a profuse number of waterfalls. Located on the 401 near Lake Louise the town in winter only sees the sun for a few hours each day. Its pretty cold there in mid-winter.

Lots of elk around on the flats and they frequently get hit by semi trailers at night.

Most of these waterfalls or seeps drain huge avalanche bowls and thats pretty standard for the Rockies….so there is sometimes an added challenge to the climbing……..use common sense and try to avoid the x-factor.


Mt Ipsoot near Pemberton pretty easy trip just your average weekend ski-mountaineering 4000 vertical 15-20km weight haul maybe 40 pounds but if you loose the tent and just take bivy gear thats about 7 pounds off the back. If you loose he camera gear thats another 5 pounds. If you take a summer bag thats another 2 pounds saved. etc


If you like to carry weight over hills you can contemplate this….. a guy I knew carried two 1 pound jars of hot Thai sauce over the Lillooet Icecap on a 3 week ski-mountaineering trip from near the Lord river to Meager Creek….and really didn’t think anything of it. Extremely strong guy big thighs.

The new year and skiing in storms. Wind whipping down the alley of dawn. High winds can deposit powder pillows and cornices on the leeside.

Climbed with a guy from Milan once (Guido Serra) told me a story of a group that skiied to the top of Monta Rosa in the alps around 5000meters just after a storm they gathered on the summit for a photo, 15 of them, the cornice broke and they disappeared leaving only the photographer behind. So if you’re a photog try to stand in the middle of the summit. eh


This morning a secret photo shoot in the valley for my students in UCFV Art of Seeing. Stay tuned for new photos.

z-art-of-seeing-instructor.jpg ryan-shooting-art-of-seeing.jpg z-art-of-seeing-students.jpg

Here are a few student assignment submissions (more to come) from my Art of Seeing course.
Good examples of shape and form, decisive moment, visual weight, rule of thirds, motion and the s-curve way to go! It was a great class. Thanks so much. See you next semester.


z-art-of-seeing-student-amanda-maurer-model.jpg z-art-of-seeing-student-amanda-maurer-model3.jpgz-art-of-seeing-maurer-sydney-cat.jpgz-art-of-seeing-maurer-student-sidney-trees.jpg


The gulf..the wide vastness with something more than we know, its alive and to touch it, to smell it, the closeness of the sea…do you live near the sea…and the surf at night breakers off shore the baying lions of the sea misty warm with herring breath in the cool of the morning the dull throb of a ship in the fog the rain a clear passage of light mid-storm, the gulf more than we know.over-the-gulf-wp.jpg

Unfortunately This is the first year I will be unable to participate. The Alpenglow Gallery  WILL NOT  be opening this

Thanksgiving. My father is quite ill and is about to be admitted into palliative care. Thanks for all your support. Our family is

spending Thanksgiving in the hospital.

Just got back from photographic adventure in the coast mountains of BC. Covered some steep ground……the famed mountain explorer John Clarke traveled here years ago on a traverse from the north. Here is one shot taken from a portion of that high mountain ramble. As luck would have it I was in a transitional weather period in the mountains where we had ambient transitory and some diffuse light. I favour these conditions as they make for interesting shots. Often the light can be washed out in the afternoon not really my favorite time to shoot but big cumulus were drifting past, some quite dark and dense with moisture. This area has alpine scenery that is just amazing, storybook tarns, granite cliffs, heather and grass and flower meadows abound. I plan workshops here in the future, another secret location away from the masses. Ready to discover. There is a possibility we can arrange a trip here before mid-October via float plane let me know ASAP. Lots of photo ops lots of rambling.


Just finished a one week showing on Gabriola island and sold quite a few pieces. Some mixed media.



This is a symbolic piece and should look good on the wall. A troika of Kalashnikov’s as imagery are superimposed with a blooming iris and text with red acrylic, framed by a border of black acrylic.

This is small teaser to a gallery show on Gabriola Island opens on the 16 of August rough work here on lake somewhere in BC do you know where?? I’ll put more up if I have time. I taught a workshop here last month.


John Szarkowski is credited with establishing photography as an art form.

He helped validate photography, especially documentary photography in North America as an art and made others notice the work of such notable photographers as Diane Arbus, Jerry Winogrand, Lee Friedlander, Walker Evans and Edward Weston. If you haven’t heard of these photographers do some research and it’ll help you discover what a good photograph is all about.

arbus.jpgDiane Arbus 1962

Get your hands on his 1973 book Looking at Photographs: 100 Pictures from the Museum of Modern Art.

“As an artist you look at other peoples work and find out how it can be useful to you” J. Szarkowski.

Always travel with a camera. I noticed this field of summer dandelions with a dysfunctional-kid-pushed shopping cart in the middle of it. It was red, excellent I thought. A Velvia scene rendered in digital.
I brought it home and had a bit of fun in Pshop and knocked out the green. Just fun in the summer.
High pressure is in so prepare for blue sky and tweek that white balance to get the parent shot.


Breaking heavy weather in spire country British Columbia Coast Range.


2008 Olympic Games

LHASA, June 18 (Xinhua) — China will begin Monday building a “highway” in Tibet on Mount Qomolangma EVEREST, the world’s tallest peak,  without asking Tibet.

Budgeted at 150 million yuan (19.7 million U.S. dollars), construction of the Paved road will kick off at Everest North Base Camp 5,200 meters above sea level.

The project aims to turn a 108-km rough road  to the Base Camp into a blacktop highway fenced by undulating guardrails.

The project will take about four months. On completion, the highway will become the major route for tourists and mountaineers who are crowding onto Mount Qomolangma, known in the west as Mount Everest, in ever larger numbers.

This is a hidden glacier old under a blanket of new snow.


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A couple of more posts are coming thanks to all for attending recent workshop 2week ago the flowers were great…..

Today I received confirmation for  mid-August for a showing of new work photographs. These will likely be a variety of photographs local and afar  and some with activist statements apropos to our day. ARTWORKS GALLERY  Gabriola Island BC   Gulf Islands.

Always look for repetitive shape and form. This situation/location intrigued me. In the darkroom I decided to amplify to create an interesting linear representation.


Doug Coupland could have used this in his recent Canadian memorabilia book. I am not sure he may have something similar but it comes from an era certainly different from now. I found this on a hiking trip way away from everything behind a rock in the moss.
jackknifewp.jpg jackknife-bigger-wp.jpg

I thought I’d add a bit of colour today….soon everything is going to be budding out.
A bit of Albers and his colour theory inspired this.


Spring when its not wet is road hockey time. Wanted to use a semi fast shutter with a bit of fill for the shadows and strobe to blur some of the real fast action. Don’t rely on a motor drive all the time plan for the decisive moment.


Take a walk in the British Columbia Coast Mountains. See the text that nature renders.

So how do you market and sell the Dalai Lama to make a profit?

How do you market compassion, forgiveness and tolerance to make a profit. Is there economy in it?

Business leaders in CANADA and CHINA think the Dalai Lama is bad for business. China thinks he is a terrorist and a threat to their nationalism. What do you think? China does not want CANADA to acknowledge what the Dalai Lama represents otherwise CHINA threatens  the loss of economic partnership with CANADA. Do we need China?

Can you change this?

“Queen’s University is selling its investments in two Chinese oil companies that are doing business in the war-ravaged Darfur region of Sudan.Principal Karen Hitchcock said yesterday the university has directed its fund managers to divest its investment, endowment and pension funds of PetroChina and China Petroleum.” I am proud to see Canadian Students at Queen’s University be the catalyst for this change. They took a stand.

Someone told me a while ago that they were only interested in living an opulent lifestyle at what ever the cost. Is your lifestyle at the cost of the Sudanese, the environment, or…….


One of my students recently sent me this photo. Kudos on your award Frank. Note the perspective at play which leads your eye to background, the element of perspective is good leading to the far background, the uniqueness of the terrain and light is good…but what really makes me take notice are the blue pools of light that highlight the unique geology….the photograph really succeeds on many levels….
gabriola1-frank-wp.jpg photo-workshop-april-07-wp1.jpg Contact for more information… I’ll be emailing meeting times.location etc…

UPDATE: Alpenglowpro will be teaching 2 Photo courses at UCFV in Fall of 07  The Art of Seeing and Pre-visualization and Developing a Personal Photographic  Style

Just go do it. Bring a camera and picture the reality. Get in as close as you dare.

ex-peak-coast-wp1.jpg ex-raft-whitewater-wp1a.jpg extreme-skier-coast-range-wp.jpg

Windblown ridge top perched evening light minus 15 full moon about to rise. That was the moment. Exit by headlamp back to 1500 metres for a hoar-frosted goodsleep night.

to see
the pageant
of evolution

can be expected to value
its theater.

Aldo Leopold

The art of seeing encompasses more than the visual

Nothing can change if we do not facilitate it. Many people can prompt change. Or perhaps we do not need change?
Its in your court. First of all you just have to think about it. Decide for yourself.

Are we going to pay the price of living too conveniently? Is the planets environment sustainable? Is the planet going to suffer?

I was parked by Tim Hortons the other day the amount of traffic in the drive-thru area was incredible. In North America how many drive-thru’s are there? Is the planet going to pay for our convenience? Are your children…..maybe we should think about it.

here are a few hints on how to become an activist

Nepalese soldier on patrol Lali Kharka NE Nepal. Early morning.mao-gur-wp.jpg

A group of soldiers were moving fast through this little village to protect the area in case of a Maoist insurgency.
Because of the angle of the morning sun I had an opportunity to create a graphic representation of the mountain environment,the soldier,and introduce the idea of political conflict into the image. The reign and sub-standard rule of the monarchy has since been downgraded and battles with the Maoists have stopped, there is now peace in Nepal.
nepal-kids-door-pani-wp1.jpg No Nintendo here at 2000 metres in the cloud peaceful and content with the mantra of the mountains.

Have got some photos coming from Asia this one echoes the decisive moment. A travel photo workshop is being planned for India in Oct/Nov08.india-thar-travel-wp.jpg

india-toy-train-girl-wp.jpg india-boatman-varanasiwp1.jpg india-model-udiapur.jpg

india-sandukpu-wp1.jpg Kangchenjunga the 3rd highest in the world sunset from the Sikkim India
india-kanch-sunset-wp.jpg zzkanch-from-westsunrise-wp.jpg nepal-claude-jpeg-patagonia-man-wp.jpg pangpema-comp-wp-1.jpg

Its debatable which throne our premier Gordon Campbell was on when his staff agreed to cut all provincial greenhouse gas emissions by 1/3

Hey I would of thought that pretty progressive but thats by 2020 thats 13 years down the road I thought it might be a couple of years. I guess this global warming thing is not really that serious…why not add another decade?

News today “11,000 jobs in the auto industry lost”. Sure we have to get out of transport, internal combustion that is, we could employ those people in a similar industry going green with hydrogen….But that has nothing to do with it …we are going to import cheaper internal combustion cars from CHINA!!!! yes….Buzz Hargreaves head of the auto workers union ” how can we compete with a Chinese auto worker that makes 350 dollars per month…thats less than two days wages for an autoworker in Canada”.

Also this says nothing of China being the most polluted country on earth, they state they have no interest in pollution controls because they are 50 years behind the west in development. Sure we want to deal with China why not??

What of Kyoto…thats crap CANADA buys products that may be cheaper, sub-standard, but from a country without ethical environmental or moral controls….what a saving eh….yeah I think we should work on our emission standards ?

We do not have the balls to say No. And manufacture goods for ourselves that are environmentally and morally sound and save the Canadian way of life. Of course I could be wrong???? Are Canadians apathetic do they think?? Or maybe the Canadian way of life is different than I know?

Taking advantage of the recent high pressure I was lucky to find a couple of natural nuggets just waiting to be found.
One of my favorite locations within the GVRD…which is the Greater Vancouver Regional District in SW British Columbia. I frequently take students here as the area lends multiple opportunity for at least three different adventures, all with great photos. canoe-s-wp-2.jpg pano-wp-secret-loc1.jpgThis years workshop schedule will be up shortly.

freein-the-sea-wp1.jpg fish-cast-video.jpg

Many go fishing all their lives without knowing it is not the fish they are after…..Thoreau
Hey maybe its nature …….what happens when its gone??

Winter faire du ski, snowshoe??? Proves to be good tomorrow but cloudy, stormy in the alpine on Sunday so don’t fall through a cornice.Here’s a small cornice on Mt Seymour, just up and right of the skier.snowshoe4wp.jpg snowshoe2wp.jpg

He probably is but that’s not enough to sequester my vote. The environment, sure its a hot topic. For anyone that has been outdoors for the past few decades you would have to be blind to not notice changes. Climate, ozone, intensity of the sun, the onslaught of pests taking advantage of environmental stresses are and have been impacting flora,fauna and eco-systems negatively.

When Kyoto was ratified in the 90’s a change could have been enacted then. Maybe it would have slowed down some changes, who knows….another decade has past and now climate change has become very topical. At least the word is out and the average joe might now be able to enact his vote to make change happen. Will there be a positive impact who knows.

Dion supports trade with China so is inadvertently supporting everything from pollution to social injustices. What we need is to use our own resources mental and physical to put Canada on the map. China wants Canada’s banks to become more involved in investment. Once that happens withdrawal from that sphere will become very difficult.

Canada’s manufacturing industry is devastated….the once thriving Canadian apparel industry, for example, has almost been totally nuked. The Liberal’s could have changed that but they did not.

I will not vote Liberal or Conservative, they are not forward thinking enough for me, they will jump on any current bandwagon to get a vote, a positive change has to be made.

Fish Lake South Chilcotin

For anyone that does not know about this area…. it’s amazing. Hiking, fishing, mountain climbing, wild pristine, wildlife profuse, high scenics, high eco-values bio-diverse etc,
Go there, hike the Yohetta, ocean kayak Chilko Lake, ski-traverse glaciers unreal beauty land. Relatively untraveled but easy to get to if you want to. GO…. its Heart and Soul wilderness country. It takes about 10 hours from Vancouver.
schil-lake-wp1.jpg schil-lupin-field-wp.jpg

On a mountain traverse a few years ago from Goldbridge, north of Whistler, we ended up near pristine alpine Fish Lake very near Chilko Lake in Ts’ylos Provincial Park and just North of Big Creek Provincial Park. I could not believe the amount of fish in this little alpine lake. They were jumping like I had never seen before in any lake. Since, I have talked to helicopter pilots that have literally seen schools of trout in this lake.

Now, it is poised to be on the forefront of a precedent setting environmental issue that has nothing good for British Columbia’s future.

Now industry actually admittedly wants to destroy a productive natural entity for short term economic gain. Where does it stop? Is this right. Sacrifice a lake for economic gain?
Is that OK?

“Taseko’s plan for the Prosperity site is to build a dam from waste rock and tailings
just above Fish Lake on Fish Creek, effectively killing both.”

Unbelievably that is their actual intention. What’s wrong with this picture? It is not ethically or morally right…… is it???

“Kate Glover, spokeswoman for the Ministry of Environment, said last week the ministry would make no public comment on the two mine applications while they are in the process of an environmental assessment.
She did note that Fish Lake is home to an estimated 85,000 rainbow trout, of which 4,100 to 4,900 are caught annually.” Vancouver Sun Dec06

Precedent setting is this action to actually admittedly destroy a natural entity for short term economic gain. What of our children? Prosperity is for the developer and not for what is left behind.

In a hundred years, if we last that long, people will have nowhere to go that’s pristine and unsullied by industry. Most people in British Columbia do not realise what we have in pristine natural environment is actually a resource and years down the line people will be want to come here to experience it. WE will be lauded for saving it now for that future. Do you care?
If you do let this guy know how you feel.
Department of Fisheries and Oceans
Paul Sproat, Regional Director General,
Major Projects Division, Fisheries and Oceans Canada,
200-401 Burrard St., Vancouver, B.C.,
V6C 3S4.

Contrasting headlines in todays Globe and Mail. China’s military hardware spending 37.5 Billion dollars US. Research and development to put China on top in digital warfare likely double that amount 80 Billion.

China destroys satellite via satellite.

China wants Canadian Banks to invest more.

What does this mean to you?

A Few Winter Shots from my structure series. Last week I mangaged to get out and scoop a couple photos with the snow …wandering through Surrey on my way to Cloverdale. Changing envrronments impact and modify the landscape. How do these non-natural structures affect you?

drive-in-wp.jpg surrey-wp.jpg eat-in-idaho-wp.jpg

Road trips are great ….. dharma running…. Eat is another landscape structure photo. This impacts the visual landscape. Do you take it for granted or does it make you ask questions.
Eat is so big does it typify the people in Idaho. Could the sign be bigger? Why is the orange truck in the image? Does the truck have anything to with economy? What about the colours are they significant….who is Joseph Albers. What is colour theory? How does it make you feel?

Been out shooting some pixels, you sure do not need to be the conservator like with film. Its fast maybe too fast sometimes, you have to challenge yourself to slow down compose and think, still….. use a tripod.

Spent a couple of hours on Indian Arm checking out the ice and some of the winter storm damage, lots of debris in water, a few docks nuked. A chilly day but didn’t really need gloves….. bit of breeze on the way back pretty excellent day.

kayak-i-arm-winter-wp.jpg kayak-i-arm-2-winter.jpg urban-texture-wp.jpg kayak-big.jpg

This photo was over-exposed to get beyond 18% grey that the meter reads. You want white snow not grey snow. So it is OE 1.5-2 stops. This was a raging blizzard but a must travel day with sleds on a 2 week + trip we were late on this one. Storms came off the pacific one after another. The Monarch area is up near Bella Coola. We topo ed and GPS ed luckily avoiding cracks that would swallow you whole and not spit you out until the finality of global warming brightens some anthropologist’s day.


Storms this week have dumped mega snow all of it powder so go out and enjoy it. Kayak in the morning and go for a ski in the aft or evening. I was skiing the Powdercap a couple of years ago, of course carrying an inordinate amount of weight… the shot here is taken witha 5lb lens that I woofed for 4 days and god knows how much elevation gain…but it was all worth it….the composition here a sliver of light crested a ridge and gave this fleeting view for less than 5 minutes… then it was gone. My friend Mark and I were winter yaking in I Arm when the snow was down…and we’ll be doing the same this weekend…..get out and enjoy if you are on the coast of British Columbia…..and see some light.


New recent glacial/hydro data confirms that glacial ice in the Canadian Rockies is now melting 24 hours a day everyday. This is the first time it has been documented in living memory that ice is melting during the night. There are 1300 glaciers on the east side of Canadian Rockies supplying water to the east and north, all are receeding. What will happen to water supplies in Calgary, Regina and Edmonton?

Here are a few shots to get you outside later this week the light will be great so take advantage of it. Skiing should be good too. If you are in the backcountry take beacons and probes and never ski alone.

One fellow on our Powderdap Traverse broke through the ice while getting water for dinner. So we lit a fire to dry his stuff out. It was a great trip skiing up Brandywine Creek and heading north into the high country below the Vulcans Thumb and across the vastness of the Powdercap icefield then down to Cahalghan Lake then down to the Sea to Sky. A good trip to for an intro to multi-day ski traversing relatively not as dangerous as other areas in terms of avalanche exposure.

Lillooet what a great trip more extreme 3 weeks climbed the east ridge of Monmouth with super views all the wayout to Wahoo Tower – Waddington – Chilcotin – etc.


ski-deeeep-powder-wp.jpg ski-camp-brandywine-wp.jpg ski-lill-icecap-winter-camp-wp.jpg

This photo was taken in the Adamant Range in the N. Selkirks Mountains of British Columbia
With the highest peak of that range in the background Sir Sandford Smith
In Keeping with the winter theme here for a couple of days

We Over nighted here one February years ago. Inversion trapped the fog in the lowlands below…sunny above 1000m.
Best to everyone for 2007.Climbers ready for the winter ascent of Blanchard’s Needle

Hope everyone goes out and gets a bit of snow underfoot and enjoys the holidays.


Gateway is a BC provincial liberal mandated transportation project to facilitate trade with Asia primarily China. That’s the excuse ….to facilitate the movement of internal combustion traffic into regional centres so there’s a supposed economic outcome but what is the true cost……ethically, morally, to health and well being and to the legacy to our children?

The Greed Principle
Why are we dealing with China anyway it is ethically and morally wrong but we as Canadians refuse to take a stand against our government. Religious persecution is rampant, industrial development is unchecked, pollution is unchecked and excessive enviromental degradation is disgusting,(Pollutants including mercury from China arrive on the westcoast in less than 5 days), internal political persecution is profound, China supports renegade nations like Sudan and contributes to the genocide in Darfur with arms and ordinance, supports other violent regimes, denies freedom of speech. In addition, Tibet’s violent take over by China, should be regarded as a travesty.

We support this as Canadians..its win win economically. We invest in China like its the best thing since sliced bread………
are we that Gutless??????

Scientists say that Vancouver BC Canada is one of the most liveable regions in the world. Yet our government wants to increase
internal combustion traffic (against the science just like global warming) by building more roads and twinning existing bridges to flood the region with more vehicles. Common sense tells not to do this its a no brainer

Europeans laugh at us. Our transport network is totally inadequate. We should have rapid transit running out the 401 to Chilliwack.
Where is the forward thinking? Planners go to university what for?? We have the opportunity to shine. Yet we do not. Do we have children?

Question Authority let the powers that be know that we can vote them out of office.

Federal Liberal turncoat David Emerson is leaving for China on a trade mission at the beginning of January 07…… show your disapproval write a note to the Federal Government. Not only did the Emerson affair corrupt political process and set disturbing precedents in ethics, his government is embracing trade with China to say nothing about environmental issues abroad and at home.


The Exxon Valdez supertanker spilled 11 million gallons of crude oil into Prince William Sound, polluting around 2,000km of coastline.

The disaster is estimated to have killed 250,000 seabirds, 2,800 sea otters, 300 harbour seals, 250 bald eagles, up to 22 killer whales, and an unknown number of salmon and herring.

In the original court ruling, Exxon was ordered to pay out $5 BILLION.






More Ski Photos off-piste


touring-wpress1.jpg tele-powder-wordpress.jpg

Nothing like touring in the coast ranges of BC with camera in the pack.

Coast Mountain Skier Seymore alpenglow greg-maurer-telemark-espl.jpg skitour-5×3.jpg

Gabriola Island gallery space. The Alpenglow Gallery Framed prints and cards. Opened on the Thanksgiving weekend.

This is my base camp for gulf island explorations….a two day discovery mission of composition and the art of photography starts here and travels the scenic coast of Gabriola Island. Optional modes of discovery, exploring new angles can also include sea kayaking. Gabriola Island is a unique and special place to discover.

Gallery Space

gab island

Do you support war? Any war, here, there, or anywhere? Are you at war? Is your nation at war? My nations warriors are in Afghanistan
I don’t support my government. War is not the answer….The Dutch are there too and they have not lost a man….

Below Mixed Media Photography/Acrylic +text WAR Series #3

War Series #3  Mixed media

It’s snowing everywhere above 1000 metres. So get out and enjoy.
You can shoot into the sun meter or underexpose and you get a shot like this. In this shot clouds helped diffuse the sun so lense flare was not a factor a lense hood is always a good idea as it keeps the ambient contrast
at a minimum.

+ and - space skiers  Northeren Selkirks BC

Never Forget…Never forget that we too can become extinct so it might be time to take steps to change this.

I figure we have already past the environmental threshold. That is the the threshold which the environment can sustain itself. We are struggling. Things may get worse. Will Kyoto make a difference now? I wonder? Figure all the pollution caused by internal combustion engines, most cities have traffic gridlocks twice a day, figure all the drive thru’s in NAmerica, the convenience we have now is going to be pretty inconvenient when it starts to kill us or impact the life we take for granted. What do you think??
Never Forget


Windsurfing BC cold fingers and a stormy wait for the light. The epitome of location, light and environment.


This Blog site alpenglowpro is in build mode. Header windsurfers added today.

November December storm light is lush and saturated. This November the west coast of Canada has seen little sun. If a frontal system is in change up in the late afternoon 3-5pm there is a good chance a fleeting glance of sun will grace the landscape.
A location photographer that is savvy with the environment and weather, might align himself to be in position to take advantage of the light.

Be prepared to play the waiting game.

These are the key attributes to life. Be conscious and have a conscience. ALWAYS Question Authority