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And why do they call it FISH LAKE er maybe it has fish in it … 85000 trout ( I have been to a lot of lakes in the Chilcotin but this one is profound …) . This lake is in a pristine area close to several provincial parks and 2 salmon bearing rivers.

I have posted on this issue before there is a lot of backgrounding on this blog so please find it.

And on Wednesday June 9, the B.C. Liberal government granted Taseko Mines a controversial, renewable, 25-year mining lease for its “Prosperity” gold-copper project by Fish Lake.

It’s still not too late to save Fish Lake! The project has not yet passed its federal environmental assessment, and since the process is already underway the new rules may not apply to Fish Lake. Please check this website, for updates and more action alerts coming soon.

Have you supported this travesty? Are you supporting this? Do you mind?

Here is a letter I wrote to the review process when the big corporate company Taseko mines was petitioning NOT to let a film be shown by the local First Nations saying it was propaganda

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