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Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines wants to build a pipeline from Alberta to The North Coast of BC.

The Alberta tar sands, where the oil would be coming from, “one of the biggest unnatural disasters going on in the world right now,” and said it’s “crazy. a goofy idea” to ship oil from Alberta to southeast Asia at the same time that Canada is importing oil. Said Haida Nation President Guujaw.

“It is unbelievable what these people will calmly get up here and propose to us,” he told the audience of elders, chiefs and other islanders. “They themselves would risk nothing in doing this, they have nothing to lose.” Here’s a CEO Pat Daniel (Enbridge) that made
6.5 Million Dollars in personal wages last year… that’s more than some NHL hockey players!

“I’m not going to say we’ll be affected, because there is no damn way this is going to happen,” Guujaw said.

“What we’re talking about today doesn’t feel good inside,” said Diane Brown. “To lose our food source is not an option, you can’t pay us anything to get that back. As a grandmother and a woman of the nation, I can promise you that I will do everything in my power not to see this go through.”

Does this feel good to you
. If it doesn’t see Artist Robert Bateman destroy a painting and let some one know how you feel.


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