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Hey Where’s Fish Lake

BC Environmental Assessment Office has issued an Environmental Assessment Certificate for the proposed Prosperity Mine.

BC Liberals are they for the environment? Not really.

Well you might say gosh the BC Environmental Assessment Office ….. sounds like a bonafide big deal gov’t organization they must know what they are doing …… it must be OK NOT!
They have given the provincial go ahead for the destruction of Fish Lake for Prosperity that is the Prosperity Mine…… a green light

Of course the BCEAO are affiliated with the Liberal government, and the government is affiliated with big business and development, a lake we don’t live nearby nuke it who cares a few might but the majority is dumbed down we can probably get away with it we’ve got thousands of lakes in British Columbia who cares?

Ever been to the SChilcotin? It’s a great area discover and explore 5 hours away from Vancouver you might have a limited time to do so Because Fish Lake 85,000 trout have been given the OK to be destroyed … that’s Prosperity Eh

If you ever take the time to drive to Chilco Lake and the surrounding environs you might want to drive up the road to Fish Lake great view of the summit of Mt Waddington and see the lake as a tailings pond.

Whoa though………… the federal gov’t still has to give the go ahead. (You believe the Conservatives will do the right thing like the Tar Sands?) But it’s one step closer the province has pretty well given it a green light. Is that progress?

Hey but that’s prosperity…………… not on my watch. See Rollins utube vid below

I have an earlier post on this issue in an old post on this blog please search for it……… Jan07 and June07

And if you don’t want this to happen on Your watch you can send letters to the Ministry of the Environment both at the provincial level and federal level and Dept of Fisheries at the federal level. Its our land as Canadians we have some rights.

You can at least read about the issue and maybe sign the Online Petition .. .. as a photographer I have been to some pretty special places and this one of them very near to Chilko Lake Ts’il?os Provincial Park.

Its absolutely Crap one day your children will want to venture out of the city and away from all the distractions of urban life you can show them these P H O T O S and say I supported this mine or did nothing to stop it …… and you can be proud.


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  1. Amazing how the name Prosperity sounds so good and it comes with the green light to go ahead causes its the right thing to do… Come on people we need to do the right thing and stop this destruction of land and nature.It is a big deal to destroy this lake or any other lake in the World. We eat and breath in this mess and kill all wildlife in the area along with the First Nation living in this protected area. Protected? Not!

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