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We are becoming the tools of our tools

We are being programed by our computers

We are being bought by the supermarket

We are being seen by television

We are being driven by the cars
The universal dictatorship of cars.

I read in the newspapers as very sad terrible news that the car industry is in crisis

and they are selling less and less cars, and it is sold as a Tragedy.

Which is the proof that the machines are mastering us.

This fact is quite revealing, because it breaks the last remains of human common sense.

It should be received as good news: Fewer Cars thats great.

Its good news for nature, because it would be less poison.

Its good news for walkers – the prehistoric human beings who still use their legs, instead of wheels – because we will be less killed.

But it is sold as a tragedy: A world without cars, can you imagine?

Eduardo Galeano author “The Open Viens of Latin America”

Do you have children?


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  1. Good post. I agree with you.

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