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Here’s are a couple of photos from the coast range…..this is a great place to ski out of bounds. You get good views of some towering peaks too. This side of Wahoo Tower I think has only been done Climbed once A. B. Buttress by Fairley/Driscoll/Durtler I believe that was the combo. The exit off the south side is a piece of duff.
You can see this little gem from the summit of Monmouth at the beginning of the traverse. When you are on top of Lillooet and Dalgleish its a bit closer as the Manatee range is a stones throw away. If you have nothing to do for a couple of weeks do this trip its outstanding… you might want to allow a week for bad weather or some Dharma time. Telephoto was 80-200 2.8 ed nikkor maxed at 200mm on a high overcast day. Aside from the Waddington Area there are a some really good rock routes to do. The Serl/Down route on Queen Bess would be one and say something like Warbird in the Klattisine bang a few of those then there’s always the Toba ….. there’s a lifetime of granite out there.



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