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In the early 1900’s Floyd Nelson, a Washington prospector was inspired to build the Pacific Northwest’s first backpack…..probably the first one that was widely marketed in North America. He came up with the idea after a trip to Alaska where he used a First Nations pack. He modified the design and used pack cloth for breathability. Click Here More Info


When I first went to summer camp up Indian Arm near Vancouver …Camp Jubilee….my parents bought me this pack…I used it until I was about 14. I remember doing a hike in the UBC Research Forest with a Cub Scout group and cooking up hamburger patties in foil with onions over an open fire….I spilled some of the grease from that meal on the pack…pack-layers-wp.jpgI think I can still smell it today.

That was the same trip where a kid rubbed his feet raw by wearing, ankle cut rubber boots instead of hiking boots.



  1. I recently sold one at a garage sale for $15 bucks, now I wish I kept it,,, classic

  2. I’m searching for my father’s birthparents. He was adopted. He was born George William Nelson on June 8, 1928 in Los Angeles, CA. His birthmother was Clara Nelson, unmarried, born around 1907 or 1908 in Washington state. The birthfather is listed as Fred Nelson, born around 1902 or 1903, a laborer, birthplace unknown. My dad’s paternal DNA tested R1a1. I have my dad’s adoption record, he was adopted

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