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You decide eh…

Bali Global Warming Conference – Foreign Perception Are Canadians Really that Inept….Disgusting

UN Canadian Peace Keeper Dies as Israeli’s Intentionally BOMB border outpost – Pure Gutlessness Here Who’s Accountable?

Chuck Cadman Bribe Denial – An Admission of Guilt would be so much Better…  This Reinforces Political Cynicism

Brian Mulroney Wrong Doings – What’s there to say here are you surprised?

Downtown Eastside Harm Reduction Policy – A no brainer, Physicians, Scientists agree yet there is opposition.

Homelessness – People continue to Die on the streets of Vancouver Whats wrong here?

And Not to mention Afghanistan …… how about shipping by AIR a company (lots) of Leopard tanks to Afghanistan……how much does that cost??? You gotta do stuff like that when you are at war…I guess.

Are We at War??


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