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News today “11,000 jobs in the auto industry lost”. Sure we have to get out of transport, internal combustion that is, we could employ those people in a similar industry going green with hydrogen….But that has nothing to do with it …we are going to import cheaper internal combustion cars from CHINA!!!! yes….Buzz Hargreaves head of the auto workers union ” how can we compete with a Chinese auto worker that makes 350 dollars per month…thats less than two days wages for an autoworker in Canada”.

Also this says nothing of China being the most polluted country on earth, they state they have no interest in pollution controls because they are 50 years behind the west in development. Sure we want to deal with China why not??

What of Kyoto…thats crap CANADA buys products that may be cheaper, sub-standard, but from a country without ethical environmental or moral controls….what a saving eh….yeah I think we should work on our emission standards ?

We do not have the balls to say No. And manufacture goods for ourselves that are environmentally and morally sound and save the Canadian way of life. Of course I could be wrong???? Are Canadians apathetic do they think?? Or maybe the Canadian way of life is different than I know?


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