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Gateway is a BC provincial liberal mandated transportation project to facilitate trade with Asia primarily China. That’s the excuse ….to facilitate the movement of internal combustion traffic into regional centres so there’s a supposed economic outcome but what is the true cost……ethically, morally, to health and well being and to the legacy to our children?

The Greed Principle
Why are we dealing with China anyway it is ethically and morally wrong but we as Canadians refuse to take a stand against our government. Religious persecution is rampant, industrial development is unchecked, pollution is unchecked and excessive enviromental degradation is disgusting,(Pollutants including mercury from China arrive on the westcoast in less than 5 days), internal political persecution is profound, China supports renegade nations like Sudan and contributes to the genocide in Darfur with arms and ordinance, supports other violent regimes, denies freedom of speech. In addition, Tibet’s violent take over by China, should be regarded as a travesty.

We support this as Canadians..its win win economically. We invest in China like its the best thing since sliced bread………
are we that Gutless??????

Scientists say that Vancouver BC Canada is one of the most liveable regions in the world. Yet our government wants to increase
internal combustion traffic (against the science just like global warming) by building more roads and twinning existing bridges to flood the region with more vehicles. Common sense tells not to do this its a no brainer

Europeans laugh at us. Our transport network is totally inadequate. We should have rapid transit running out the 401 to Chilliwack.
Where is the forward thinking? Planners go to university what for?? We have the opportunity to shine. Yet we do not. Do we have children?

Question Authority let the powers that be know that we can vote them out of office.

Federal Liberal turncoat David Emerson is leaving for China on a trade mission at the beginning of January 07…… show your disapproval write a note to the Federal Government. Not only did the Emerson affair corrupt political process and set disturbing precedents in ethics, his government is embracing trade with China to say nothing about environmental issues abroad and at home.



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